Ink Obsession Owner and Artist

I am the owner of Ink Obsession and have been tattooing for 27 years and body piercing for 16 years and take much pride in advising my clients on the pros and cons of the style and positioning of their new tattoo or piercing, especially to those who are new to body modifications. Through the years some of the tattoos I’ve done have been published in tattoo magazines and won awards in tattoo contests. I have experience in many styles of tattooing and continue to educate myself in both tattooing and body piercing.

I have been accredited in numerous piercing courses taken through the APP and have been schooled and certified in tattooing permanent cosmetics, CPR and Blood Born Pathogens. I have successfully trained a number of people in tattooing and body piercing through the years. Getting my customers past being nervous and getting them to relax, laugh and enjoy their time spent at the shop while being tattooed or pierced is as much fun and important to me as doing the tat or piercing.